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From as far back as we can remember brides have been the CEO’s of the wedding planning world. Let’s face it ladies, our attention to every specific detail can often leave our partners head utterly perplexed! Often forcing grooms to take a step back from what is equally the most important day in their lives too.

Perhaps your husband to be is happy to take a back seat while you take full control, or maybe he is simply having a hard time keeping up with all the elements that go into the planning of a wedding day.

Either way I have created some great tips to ensure your wedding is the perfect combination of both the bride’s and the groom’s individual expectations and visions.

Where words fail, music speaks

Where words fail, music speaks

Your wedding songs are a huge way of personalising your day. Each couple has had there very own individual journey together that has led them up to their special day, the music you chose is a perfect way to remind each other and your guests of that special journey and love shared.

Why not ask your hubby to pick a selection of his favourite love songs. Those that evoke all of his best memories of your relationship?

Whether it be during your ceremony, your first dance or simply including his favourites into the evening playlist. Its guaranteed to create a few teary eyed guests.

Passion is the oxygen of the soul

Passion is the oxygen of the soul

Does your hubby to be have a favourite hobby or sport? Perhaps his career is the other love in his life? Infuse something your partner loves into the days theme or events. This will show him not only are his life passions important to him but to you too.

Friends are the family we choose

Friends are the family we choose

Best men can often be overshadowed by bridesmaids or family and parents of the lucky couple. However lets not forget just how vital your best man is to the big day, especially for the groom. He is most likely responsible for getting your groom to the ceremony in one piece after a hopefully not so wild stag do!

Lets not forget holding the rings and giving his nerve wrecking speech in front of all your wedding guests. Why not invite him along with you and your partner to some of the more enjoyable planning days, maybe food and wine tastings or venue visits?

The way to a man’s heart

The way to a man’s heart

There is nothing fictional about the saying, ‘the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.’ Perhaps your fiancee is a great meat eater, or has a sweet tooth for a particular dessert. Infusing parts of your hubby’s taste buds into the wedding menu will for sure be a winner!

His and hers cocktails

His and hers

Now for some added fun! Signature cocktails are a perfect way to add a modern twist to your day. Why not go a little further and create ‘his and her’ cocktails for your wedding guests. These could perhaps be served during your drinks reception or or the arrival of your guests. This could be a perfect way to break the ice and get your guests mingling, also hearing the feedback can create a little competitive fun for you and your groom!

However you envision your big day, remember to make the planning and run up to your big day equally as special for you and your loved one.

Create plenty of memories and enjoy every moment!

About Cheshire based Benjamin Lauren Event Catering

Lauren Rowlinson created Benjamin Lauren Event Caterers out of a love for events, big and small, and the knowledge that every client is unique. This passion combined with her extensive experience in the hospitality industry has formed the foundation for her business ethos – “edible excellence!”

We pride ourselves on our personal and flexible approach to wedding catering bringing our Cheshire brides their wedding their way. Every couple is different so every wedding is different and we provide a bespoke service to make their day extra special! And no matter how many couples we have catered for their day is always unique and something new to experience. All these experiences give us something new to take on and potentially share with future families.

We are known for our attentive service and our fresh approach to event catering. A personal service and fine dining experience no matter the guest numbers or budget. We really care and strive for exemplary standards, within the quality of all our ingredients and our service dedication to every client – creating unforgettable events every time.

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