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We’re going all spicy now that summer is petering into more autumnal temperatures. It isn’t quite hot enough for a BBQ most evenings but it’s also not cold enough to break out the stewing pot. What a predicament! It’s so easy to fall into a flavourless slough of despondency when you’ve eaten all the salads you can but it’s still too early for Hot Pot.

Curry recipe contemplation by Cheshire event catering head chef

The conclusion? Very easy. Break out the curry recipes! Spend some time combining the sinfully indulgent flavours of strips of rare steak, fresh mint, sharp red onion, squeeze of lime and fish sauce for a quick Thai beef salad. The combination of tastes will be a sensation at any table. Whilst you have the heartiness of steak this dish still packs a punch of flavour that will brighten up the more (ahem!) British summer evenings.

Onion Bhaji's

Simple curry ideas easily prepared at home with delicious accompaniments

It’s so easy to make a variety of curries at home. More to the point you can freeze them down to eat another time. Throw them together with meat or fish, or go for some chunky vegetables. You can make Indian curries, Thai curries, Afro-Caribbean curries…there are so many possible combinations. Not to mention all the lovely stuff you can pair them with. You have your rice dishes obviously but you have fried rice with all the tasty additions, rice boiled in coconut milk for an indulgent accompaniment or you can go for your breads like naan, chapati or roti.

Thai Curry

Don’t be afraid to experiment with your curry recipes

You don’t have to follow stringent recipes either. If you want peppers in your Jalfrezi then throw them in. Fancy green beans instead of baby aubergines in your Thai green curry, then go for it. Curries are easy for a quick dinner because you have such a range of possibilities and flavour combinations. Personally we are going all out tonight. Dinner will comprise of a Panang curry with chicken instead of the usual beef. The nutty and slightly sweet flavours will go perfectly with coconut rice.

The pièce de résistance will be the Thai corn fritters that we have on the side, served with a sharp yet sweet chilli vinegar dip. These fritters are a perfect snack when you’re looking for something light yet warming (the red curry paste used to prepare them packs a punch!). We will also be dining out on slices of courgette and green beans stir fried in a spicy garlic and tomato based sauce. What kind of summer meal is it without the obligatory vegetables after all!

You don’t have to stick to Thai food. You could make a robust Lamb Dopiaza, thick with fried onions and spices. Or go for a seafood extravaganza and prepare a Singapore Laksa with tasty noodles and crisp beansprouts. Get everyone slurping noodles or dipping delicious fritters and there will be smiling faces all round, no matter the weather.

About Benjamin Lauren Event Catering executive chef Keith Tapping

I have been a chef now for almost 20 years, starting fresh out of Stratford upon Avon Catering College. I have worked all over the country in all sorts of circumstances. 12 years ago I re-located to Cheshire and over this time I have gained experience working in just about all the top hotels in Manchester from the 5 star Lowry hotel to Michael Caines’s Abode Hotel. As well as hotel experience, I have extensive experience of outside catering, with many different companies across Cheshire, preparing food for anything from weddings to bbq’s for the staff at Aintree race course.

For the last three years I have been the executive chef at Benjamin Lauren Event Catering, It has been an amazing experience with new challenges every week. It’s an absolute pleasure working with Lauren as she is so organised and believes in a hard working ethic.

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Lauren Rowlinson created Benjamin Lauren Event Caterers out of a love for events, big and small, and the knowledge that every client is unique. This passion combined with her extensive experience in the hospitality industry has formed the foundation for her business ethos – “edible excellence!”

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