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Wine tasting clearly sounds like a fun experience and is one of the best ways to choose wine for your wedding. Who wouldn’t love the idea of filtering through lots of delicious wines from sweet, fruity, fresh whites, to dry, oaky, full bodied reds. However it helps to go into your tasting with some knowledge of what you’re looking for. Also, if you want to choose the best wine for your wedding you will want to make sure it totally compliments your menu and meets your budget expectations.

Whilst it’s important that you pick the wine that you want for your wedding, you will also need to think about your guests. Will they love the wine as much as you do? You want to pick a wine that everyone will like, maybe one that the younger guests would consider looking for the best fake id sites, just so they can get in on the action too. Making your wedding one to remember is at the top of every happy couple’s list, and the beverages could play a huge part in this. Perfect wine and food pairing doesn’t have to be hard – our blog is full of tips and suggestions to help you plan for a successful wedding reception.

Choose wine for your weddingChoose wine for your wedding

Choose wine for your wedding – red wine


A classic Merlot is often fruity with a soft finish, in many cases with a medium oak ageing. This popular wine teams perfectly with winter roasts and casseroles, preferably ones with a rosemary and thyme infusion. Lighter Merlots also work well alongside cheese and tomato based dishes, while full bodied Merlots compliment steak and lamb dishes.


Originated in the Rhône wine region in the south of France, Shiraz is a dark, fruity full bodied number. Its dry, deep flavours pair sensationally with grilled and bbq foods. So if you’re planning on having a summer bbq on your big day this is a winning table wine for you and your guests. In fact any grilled foods such as lamb and beef will pair up perfectly with a glass of Shiraz.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon is up there as one of the most worldwide popular red wines. The fact that it is recognised and loved all over the world makes this pick a real people pleaser! Choosing this wine for your wedding is a great choice as most guests will be familiar with it.

Food wise duck and steak are perfect matches while vegetables such as mushrooms and eggplants stand as a strong companion for this full bodied wine.

Choose wine for your weddingChoose wine for your wedding

Choose wine for your wedding – white wine

Sauvignon Blanc

This primarily dry wine is often characterised by its citrus infusions. However, depending on the ripeness of the grape, its flavours can range from a zesty lime to a sweet peach. As far as pairing this wine with herbs and vegetables one golden rule is to ‘keep it green’. Basil, parsley and mint herbs and vegetables like asparagus, artichokes and peas are a match made in heaven for a classic sauvignon blanc.

Pork also compliments it well and fish is always a winner with a glass of sauvignon blanc, seabass, cod and halibut to name a few or if you’re opting for a cheesy dish, anything soft and tangy such as goats and feta cheese.


Another well known wine is Chardonnay, known for its all round pleasing taste and versatility. Its fresh flavours and vanilla hints make it a comforting choice of white wine. Its delicate flavours are a great addition to a lightly cooked shellfish dish. Prawns and crabs are a great match!

If you are thinking of having a creamy pasta or risotto dish then Chardonnay is the chosen wine for you. It also makes a great partnership with fresh salads.

Pinot Noir

Last but not least on our list is Pinot Noir. Made with red wine grapes this is one of the richest white wines, often described as leaving hints of pear and honey. Similar to Chardonnay, Pinot Noir is a great beverage for creamier dishes.

Also well suited to fresh foods such as avocado based courses and zesty lemon dressed salads. It also partners up great with your more classic favourites such as fish and chips!

Choose wine for your weddingChoose wine for your wedding

Whether you have already chosen the courses that will make up your wedding breakfast or simply have an idea, we hope our wine pairing checklist will help you create a flawless wine and food combo! This is one of the most fun parts of preparing for your big day so we hope this blog will help you choose wine for your wedding!

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