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Katie and Andy’s vegan wedding catering extravaganza

Earlier in the month Katie and Andy asked me to cater at their wedding and I can’t thank them enough for choosing us to feed them and their loved ones

Danielle & Zayn’s amazing Cheshire wedding was catering heaven

Earlier in the month Danielle & Zayn asked me about catering for their wedding at Cheshire’s beautiful Delamere Manor. It was a perfect end to a very manic Easter weekend

Top tips to add a groom’s touch for your amazing Cheshire wedding

From as far back as we can remember brides have been the CEO’s of the wedding planning world. Let’s face it ladies, our attention to every specific detail can often

Planning your Cheshire Church wedding – what happens on the day

A traditional church wedding is timeless. Take a look at your parents wedding photos. Whilst fashions and hairstyles continually change, the image of a bride and groom in front of

Top 10 register signing music for your Cheshire wedding

For our Top 10 lists we normally search for the information on Google and take the first 5 lists we find, collate them and list the most popular. A kind

Top 10 alternative readings for your Cheshire wedding

It’s becoming more common to have alternative (here we mean non bible) readings at Church weddings. As well as making your day unique it gives a lot more freedom to

Top 10 Cheshire Church Wedding Hymns

Our list comes from looking at the first five google searches on top wedding hymns. We collated all the lists and came up with the top 10. We’ve listed them

Planning civil ceremonies for your fantastic Cheshire wedding

At the time of booking your venue many couples wonder whether to have a church service or a civil ceremony. For many the family church is the obvious decision for

Top 10 bible readings for your Cheshire wedding

A bible reading is an important part of a church wedding and your minister will help you choose a reading. Most people opt for one of the popular wedding readings

Fabulous Canapés will add a certain Je Ne Sais Quoi to your fantastic Cheshire wedding

Wedding Canapés served during the drinks reception are an ever popular option. Especially with the guests who are often very hungry by mid afternoon after the wedding service comes to