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Wedding roles & responsibilities – who does what at your Cheshire church wedding

If you’re reading this, you’re probably about to embark on one of the most exciting and memorable things you will ever do – get married. Our blog is packed full

Planning your Cheshire Church wedding – what happens on the day

A traditional church wedding is timeless. Take a look at your parents wedding photos. Whilst fashions and hairstyles continually change, the image of a bride and groom in front of

Top 10 register signing music for your Cheshire wedding

For our Top 10 lists we normally search for the information on Google and take the first 5 lists we find, collate them and list the most popular. A kind

Top 10 alternative readings for your Cheshire wedding

It’s becoming more common to have alternative (here we mean non bible) readings at Church weddings. As well as making your day unique it gives a lot more freedom to

Top 10 Cheshire Church Wedding Hymns

Our list comes from looking at the first five google searches on top wedding hymns. We collated all the lists and came up with the top 10. We’ve listed them

Top 10 Church Entrance Music for your Cheshire Wedding

If you’re having a traditional church wedding then the entrance of the bride is one of the most memorable parts of the day (no pressure then!). Musical choices very much

Top 10 bible readings for your Cheshire wedding

A bible reading is an important part of a church wedding and your minister will help you choose a reading. Most people opt for one of the popular wedding readings

Add the wow factor to your fabulous Cheshire evening event

We just love a good evening celebration. They’re so exciting and often mark some really memorable celebrations and events in our lives – a birthday, anniversary, graduation. Whatever you’ve got

Top 10 wedding first dance songs by leading Cheshire event caterer Benjamin Lauren

Our first dance when we get married is something that we will always remember. Songs are very evocative and when we hear a song that means something to us, it